READ THIS if vibration / notifications does not work for you

Notifications are not working

If you bought this application and notifications (e.g. vibrations) are not working, please follow this guide carefully:

  • Install latest version of Amazfit Tools available on Google Play
    • Restart your phone afterwards
  • Still not working? Tap on 'Test Vibration' in the left navigation menu of Amazfit Tools, does it vibrate?
    • Yes, vibration test is working:
      • Please check your notification times and conditions:
        • By default, notifications are handled only between 08:00 and 22:00. You can change this in the global application Settings or on the settings of each notification. Please make sure you set correct Notify Between times and that you are in correct time-frame when you're testing the notifications. In case you're using 12-hour times (a.m. / p.m.), please make sure that you set your a.m. or p.m. parts correctly.
        • Check your notification conditions (e.g. Disable When Screen On, Disable When Phone is in Normal (Loud) Mode etc.).
        • Try to enable the priority overrride mode (pull down the notification bar and on the Amazfit Tools status bar notification, press the first icon multiple times until you enter the priority override mode = you will se an exclamation mark). When you enabled priority mode, try your notifications now - in case they do trigger in priority mode, it's 100% sure that you're not receiving notifications because you somehow incorrectly configured your conditions - double check them.
      • Still not working and notification times and conditions are set correctly? You must re-enable notification access:
        • Go to Amazfit Tools - Settings - Notification Access
        • Uncheck all applications (including Mi Fit)
        • Wait 1-2 minutes
        • Check both: Mi Fit and Amazfit Tools
        • Wait 1-2 minutes
    • No, vibration test is not workingyour firmware was probably upgraded recently:
      • Restart your phone
      • Open Mi Fit and sync your bracelet with Mi Fit
      • Open Amazfit Tools and perform vibration test
  • Still not working?
    • If this happens, the most likely issue is that you have used, or scheduled, some kind of task killer, power saver, or RAM saver program. If you use a task killer to stop background processes our application services will be stopped too. You will have to restart your phone each time you use such a program in order to keep Amazfit Tools working. If you use such a program, we suggest you look for a setting that lets you not kill anything related to Amazfit Tools (add exception for this application). You can close the main Amazfit Tools application to save RAM, but the notification service must not be stopped.
    • Please ensure that you thoroughly check your phone for features like RAM savers or power savers. Sometime these will be in settings, and not stand alone applications. We cannot provide help or support for non generic or manufacturer specific Android features.
    • We strongly suggest that you uninstall task killers if you can not find an option to add an exception for Amazfit Tools.
    • If you have these issues, always enable Status Bar Notification for Amazfit Tools (go to Amazfit Tools - Settings - Status Bar Notification and turn it on), enabled status bar notification tries to prevent Amazfit Tools process from being killed by your system.
    • Very important is also to configure your Android 6+ Doze mode feature correctly. Add an exception for Android Doze mode feature for Amazfit Tools and Mi Fit.
  • Still not working?
    • Perform full clean installation for both - Amazfit Tools and Mi Fit application:
      • Uninstall Amazfit Tools
      • Unpair your bracelet in Mi Fit
      • Uninstall Mi Fit
      • Restart your phone
      • Install Mi Fit and pair it with your bracelet
      • Fully synchronize your bracelet with original Mi Fit application
      • Install Amazfit Tools and carefully follow all instructions (e.g. profile synchronization, notification access for Amazfit Tools, notification access for Mi Fit etc.)

If you never bought this application and notifications (e.g. vibrations) are not working, the reason is pretty obvious. Amazfit Tools contains an antipiracy mechanism that automatically and silently turns vibrations off when it detects that your version of Amazfit Tools is not genuine. Please do not support piracy and buy legitimate copy of Amazfit Tools to support the developer. Please note that we only provide support for legitimately bought versions of the Amazfit Tools application. If you require any form of support, you need to tell us your Google Play order number. If you won't provide one, we won't process your email request.