Google Fit synchronization

Google Fit synchronization for your heart rates is fully automatic after you connect Amazfit Tools to your Google Fit account. Follow these steps to enable the synchronization and to connect to your Google Fit account:

  1. Open Amazfit Tools
  2. Select Heart Rate - Settings
  3. Scroll down and click on Google Fit
  4. Select your Google Fit account
  5. Confirm your connection by clicking on Allow

Important Notes:
  • You do not have to anything else after you connect Amazfit Tools to Google Fit, the synchronization happens automatically on the background.
  • Please remember that you need an active internet connection while your are connecting to your Google Fit account for the first time.
  • Please note that it sometimes can take several hours for the Google Fit to display your most recent data (even up to 24 hours after the initial pairing with Google Fit).

Where is the heart rate in Google Fit?

  • Open Google Fit application and navigate to your activity / timeline and then select Show Graph Details (or More Details). After you see maximized chart, then in the drop-down menu (bottom right corner of the chart) select Heart rate.
  • Open webpage, scroll down until activity chart is displayed, press Active Time drop-down menu (located in top right corner of the chart), then select Heart Rate. Readings per Day, Week or Month will be displayed in the chart upon selection.


  • Nothing happens (or error displayed) when you click the Google Fit sync button?
    1. Make sure you have latest version of Google Play Services installed.
    2. Make sure you have latest version of Google Fit installed.
    3. Restart your phone (please restart your phone even if you had latest versions intalled as this helps to re-initialize everything).
  • Do not see any heart rates in Google Fit?
    • It usually takes some time until the synchronized heart rates are visible in the Google Fit application (it can even take up to 24 hours).
    • If you do not see the heart rates even after 24 hours of usage, please try opening Google Fit and perform the "reload" by pulling down the Google Fit steps wheel. Wait minute or two and then check out the web portal for Google Fit (
    • If you do not see heart rates even after 24 hours and after refreshing the view (see above), please follow this guide:
      • Go to Google Fit - Settings - Body Sensor and allow the body sensor.
      • Make sure to add Amazfit Tools to the list of connected applications for your Google Fit account.
      • Follow the guide above about "where is the heart rate in Google Fit" as it might feel a little hidden in the Google Fit application.