Display Text Filter and Replace

Filter and replace feature allows you to filter out, replace and extract certain digits, words or characters from the notification text just before displaying it on the bracelet.

You can enter multiple expressions, just separate them by a new line and they will all be processed consecutively. It's possible to use regular expressions.

Filters are easiest to use as there is no special syntax required. Simply enter any word, number or sequence of characters and they won't be displayed on the bracelet.

This feature allows you to use regular expressions to match, replace and reuse parts of the notification text. Text matching the search part is replaced by the replace part, which also supports references to the capturing groups using $n syntax.

For example /A/B/ will replace all characters A for character B before displaying it on the bracelet.

This feature allows you to use regular expressions to match and extract parts of the notification text. The number in the syntax refers to the n-th match that you want to extract using the search regular expression (0 extracts all matches). Notification is not altered when no match is found.

For example /\d{6,}/$*1/will extract the first number with 6 or more digits from the notification text (used by many two-step authentication codes).

Common Expressions
To make everything simple, Amazfit Tools offers you several most common replacement and extraction patterns as a step-by-step guides. You can find list of these when you click on the + button in the Filter and Replace dialog.

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