This is detailed explanation of what permissions are used by our application and why. Please remember, that we do take privacy extremely seriously and we do not collect or store any of your private data. You can find more about this in our privacy policy article.


  • Necessary to store application data and settings (only necessary on Android 5 and older).


  • This is used to display contact names for incoming calls and received notifications.


  • This is required so it's possible to detect incoming calls and display appropriate notification on your bracelet. It can be also used to setup button press to automatically call selected contact. This is disabled by default - no outgoing call is made unless you configure it.

Call logs

  • This is required only on Android 9+ to display incoming call contact names and numbers.


  • This is required so it's possible to reject incoming call using "Reject with SMS" feature - you can automatically send an SMS to the contact when you reject incoming call by button. This is disabled by default - no SMS are sent unless you configure it.


  • It's possible to configure button press action to take picture using your camera - that's what this permission is for. This feature is disabled by default and is currently in beta testing on selected number of devices.


  • Required on Android 6+ to find nearby bluetooth devices.

Body Sensors

  • This permission is required so it's possible to export data to Google Fit.