Plugins (Tasker, Automagic, ...)

Amazfit Tools supports many automation applications, for example TaskerAutomagic, Automate, AutomateIt, Locale and many more that you can use to automate verious tasks. We do offers two types of plugins:

  • Action Plugins
    • You can use these plugins to let Amazfit Tools do something, e.g. you can send custom vibration to the bracelet or you can change heart rate monitoring mode, vibration notification mode, etc.
    • These plugins can provide variables to Amazfit Tools (e.g. you can pass your own custom text you want to display on the bracelet).
  • Event Plugins
    • These plugins will trigger an action in the automation application when e.g. button is pressed or heart rate is measured.
    • These plugins provides variables to the automation application (e.g. the event plugin will tell you how many times the button on Amazfit was pressed).

How to setup action plugin in Tasker?

  • On Tasks screen, create new task, then tap + and select Plugin - Amazfit Tools. Then simply tap configure and choose action you want to perform in Amazfit Tools.


How to setup event plugin in Tasker?

  • It's very easy. On Profiles screen tap + and select Event - Plugin - Amazfit Tools. Then simply tap configure and choose event you want to be notified about in Tasker.



How to setup button count press in Tasker?

  • It's very easy and we're using the best possible method recommended by Tasker to do this =  Flow Control. When you setup event in Tasker (see above), you can then add actions for this event. When you add action, simply select an IF condition and provide desired button count. Amazfit Tools provides you a variable called %button_count that tells you how many times the button was pressed. Based on the event you select (e.g. button event, heart rate event, ...), we do provide you appropriate variables that you can use in the IF condition for given Tasks:
    • %button_count (how many times button was pressed)
    • %heart_rate (heart rate BPM value)
    • %charging_state (1 = charging; 0 = not charging)