Can you control button on Amazfit?

Yes! In version 4.0.0, we implemented many incredibly configurable features for button control, for example:

  • Button Control & Sensor Control (assign actions to button presses, control media with movements of your hand)
  • Button Control Profiles (create your own virtual menu to perform any number of your custom actions: control music, volume, phone vibrations & more)
  • Incoming Call Button Actions (Answer, Reject, Reject with SMS, Ignore - configurable for all incoming calls or even per specific contacts or contact groups)

Make sure to check out our detailed articles about button control for more information.

In addition to these, we do also offer actions like dismiss ongoing notification pattern, dismiss / snooze ongoing alarm by tapping the button or even automatically mute the incoming call together with stopping the bracelet vibrations.

Our primary goal is to always offer you most battery efficient features and we're very proud that we succeeded in this. With Amazfit Tools, you can have all of these features with nearly zero impact on the battery life of your bracelet and mobile phone.