Invalid License

Warning! When we receive any negative rating on Google Play because of license being invalid, we'll ask Google to directly investigate all such devices and accounts for illegal activities or presence of applications intended for breaking licensing services.

In case Google Play Licensing service reports that your license is invalid and you bought our application, then it can be caused only by two things:

  • Either this is a temporary issue on the Google Play Licensing servers. Please try rebooting your mobile device, make sure you are connected to the internet and press the invalid license button available in upper right corner of Amazfit Tools.
  • If it is a temporary issue on Google Play Licensing servers, also please try to open and close Google Play application several times to force it to refresh licenses of installed applications from the server.
  • If the issue persists, it's probably caused by some application that is installed in your system and that is tampering with Google Play licensing services (e.g. modded Google Play, Lucky Patcher, Freedom or similar). Please remember that usage of these applications is against the User Agreement Policies you have with Google and you agreed to when activating your Android device. Having installed such illegal applications can cause Google Licensing Servers to return invalid license for your request. To resolve this issue, simply disable and uninstall any application pretending to be Google Play Services or that is tampering with licensing services, in some cases your system might be compromised even after uninstalling such applications, read below.
  • In case you don't have Lucky Patcher, but you had it installed in your system in the past - your system is compromised (modified) and even uninstalling it or hard resetting the device won't make the licensing work. The Google Play server can see that your device is compromised (modified). In case your system is compromised with what Lucky Patcher left in your system, you must completely reinstall your Android system.