Vibrations during incoming or outgoing call

Some of our users tends to use the "Phone" / "Dialer" application notification to set-up notifications for incoming calls. We do not understand why they are doing it, but it's very wrong approach that will lead to constant vibrations during the call (Android usually updates notification during a call every second because it is updating the length information there).

Our application offers you very advanced 'Contact Notification' section. This section lets you add notifications for all contacts ("Any Other"), specific contacts or even contact groups. Dialer / Phone application notification is not the correct way to setup notifications for incoming calls. Always use 'Contact Notification' section of Amazfit Tools to do that.

Thanks to 'Contact Notification' feature, you can customize your notification patterns and notification times differently per contact / group / others. For example, you probably want to be notified for calls from your family at any time and from your co-workers only until, let's say, 17:00 - you can easily do that thanks to Amazfit Tools.

TL;DR - Do not use "Phone" / "Dialer" application to setup notifications for incoming calls and use 'Contacts' section of our application.