Display text is not working

First of all, please make sure that you are using the correct Vibration Mode - Vibration and Text for your notification.

Please follow rest of this guide only if Amazfit Tools itself or Amazfit Tools Support asks you to do this. This is not necessary if your vibration text being displayed on Amazfit.

This guide helps you to force upgrade firmware of your Amazfit to display text on your bracelet. Follow all steps carefully:

  1. Make sure you have more than 10% of batter on your Amazfit
  2. Restart your mobile device
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes
  4. Open Amazfit Tools and press bluetooth icon in upper right corner
  5. Wait about 30 seconds and then go to OLED Test - Text (last icon) and press OK

In case text is displayed correctly on your bracelet now, you're done. Otherwise follow the guide below.

  1. Force close Mi Fit / Amazfit application
  2. Switch your phone locale (language) to English
  3. Go to Mi Fit / Amazfit, there will now be an option to enable incoming calls, enable it + check Display Contact Names (important!)
  4. Mi Fit / Amazfit should start upgrading your firmware font, let it allow to do it
  5. After font is upgraded, disable the Display Contact Names in Mi Fit / Amazfit + disable incoming calls in Mi Fit / Amazfit
  6. Restore your desired phone locale (language)
  7. Restart your mobile device
  8. Open Amazfit Tools application and navigate to OLED Test - Text (last icon) and press OK

That's it - you can now use all the amazing features that Amazfit Tools allows you to do (including displaying full contents of your notifications, text parameters customization and advanced filters and extractions).