Video Tutorials for Amazfit Tools

Table of Contents:


Watch Faces Management

Watch Faces Management feature allows you to browse and directly and automatically install community driven watch faces by single press of a button.


Button / Gesture Control

Button / Gesture control is an advanced feature that brings new life to your smart bracelet and offers you countless number of new possibilities by allowing you to assign many of our predefined actions to various button presses / gesture swipes.

Although these videos were initially created for another application intended for Mi Band bracelets, we found them very nicely done and useful and we believe you can find them useful as well. We recommend you to check them out.
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Button Dismiss

Allows you to dismiss ongoing notification pattern by tapping the bracelet or dismiss / snooze ongoing alarm by tapping the button or even automatically mute the incoming call together with stopping the bracelet vibrations by pressing the button on Amazfit. Learn more


Filter & Replace Feature

Allows you to match and extract parts of the notification text (e.g. two-step verification SMS codes). Learn more


Disable Notification

Allows you to disable notifications for specific contacts or groups (e.g. disable WhatsApp messages from your Boss). Learn more


Duplicate Notification

Allows you to have different configuration for the same application (e.g. different icons on WhatsApp from Mom and from your Boss). Learn more